Our Flight

20 May

Well, our flight to Arizona was a success. 

Actually, one of the easiest. As easy as it gets for flying alone with 3 kids. 

 There are 2 airports you can choose from if you are in Northern Virginia. I usually fly out of DC because it’s cheaper. 

This time I didnt care and just looked at times and what was more convenient for my husband. 

Halfway to the airport, I said to my husband, “Dulles airport is DCA, right?” Well, no it’s not, I thought my flight was from Virginia, but actually it was out of DC. 

So, that was a nice little surprise/panic. Good thing I randomly questioned it while we were driving. 

But, we had left pretty early because we live so far so we didn’t have an issue. Nice thing about DC is the airport is usually fairly empty when you check in. Which is nice when you are lugging 3 kids and a stroller through security. 

So, this trip, I did what I always do and downloaded some movies on my kindle. But, for some reason, the kids weren’t interested. 

Instead they wanted to play games we already had. No more wasting money on renting them off Amazon. 

While waiting for our first flight, a woman came up to me asking if I was alone. We chatted and she said that she was flying with her family and another family, so if I needed any help, to let her know. 

This is what I love about people. When you are a mom alone with your kids, people seem to be really nice to you. They either feel really bad for you or think you are wonder woman. I’ve never had anyone be mean or irritated with me. Which is nice. 

The first flight was uneventful. 2 hours to Minnesota. Baby slept, I read, girls played on the kindle quietly. 

Minnesota is one of my favorite airports. For me, food choices and convenience make the airport.

Had the best chicken salad there and they had my favorite Bai drink. So, that made me happy. 

My daughter spilled a bag of popcorn all over the floor and made an old man laugh. So, that was fun. 

This flight was also short, 2.5 hours. But, that time can seem like eternity when you have a fussy baby. The girls were great, but my 8 month old was not having it. The only way he would stop crying was if I held him up so he could look at the people behind us. 

The girls were just content playing games, coloring and building blocks. It was literally a miracle. 

We also can’t forget safety on the plane. They might be better prepared than me if something goes wrong. 

All, in all, the only thing I can complain about is the time change. My kids were up this morning at 4:15am and went strong throughout the day. Hopefully this will be the only adjustment day. 

Looking forward to the rest of this trip. 


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